Things that we offer advice about if you need it:

 - Cabbage leaves to help mastitis
 - How to make you feel good and feel good contact
 - Maidstone Birth Centre
- Crowborough Birth Centre
 - Tunbridge Wells Hospital
 - Reigate Hospital
 - Fertility
 - Purple line in labour
 - Solution focus hypnotherapy relating to hypno birth (sometimes called hipnobirth) courses
 - Your brain love
 - Where to get 3 step rewind
 - The best hypnobirthing book
 - Real birthing
 - Where to go for reflexology in Sevenoaks
 - How to use the course as therapy for anxiety
 - What skin care products you can use during pregnancy, including the tropic skincare
 - Where to find a doula in the South East
 - Where to go for pregnancy yoga in Kent
 - Where to go for pregnancy Pilates in Kent
 - How to care for yourself post natal
 - As well as much more more 

We offer Hypnobirthing in Kent, Hypnobirthing in Surrey, Hypnobirthing in London and Hypnobirthing in the UK and the Wise Hippo provides the best hypnobirthing classes.  Why not find out more about out classes or book a course with us to learn more. 

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