This is just a few examples of what people have said about my course. You can view all my google reviews here - Reviews. 

Ella Butcher

Sevenoaks, Kent

"Sarah was a fantastic tutor. She was very approachable and her passion for hypnobirthing felt real due to her personal experience. 

After the birth of my first son I was filled with a sense of disappointment. I didn’t feel my delivery had gone how I’d imagined. I’d always told myself I had a “high pain threshold” and had visualised a smooth delivery with no emergency buzzers or need for medical intervention. When this wasn’t the case I felt I’d failed myself and my son the peaceful delivery I’d expected - unbelievable I know! This left me fearful for my second delivery. If it had gone so “wrong” with my first how could I possibly expect anything different with my second?

Although I was dubious that Hypnobirthing would hold the answers I didn’t think it could cause any harm so joined a wise hippo class with Sarah. During the course Sarah rebuilt my confidence and allowed me to believe I would have the delivery I had always hoped for. With that in mind she also made me realise if that if this wasn’t possible it wouldn’t mean failure!! She helped my husband support me to make the right decisions on the day.

When I went into labour I felt relaxed and full of excitement for the birth of my son. Although I had my perfect delivery image in my mind, I knew whatever happened it would be the right delivery for me and my son on the day. My delivery was everything I’d hoped for and more. I had a peaceful water birth in Maidstone birthing centre with a fabulous midwife called Shona followed by a dirty takeaway shared with the staff! I cannot thank Sarah enough for the incredible support she gave me.

The course was so relaxed and full of laughter. Sarah very quickly felt like an old friend and both my husband and I genuinely enjoyed every session". 

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Jaime Milligan

Maidstone, Kent

"My partner and I have completed a 4 week one-on-one hypnobirthing course with Sarah  and I honestly would recommend Sarah and hypnobirthing to anyone.

I am pregnant with my first child and before I started the course I felt really anxious about birth, whereas now I feel confident and knowledgable and am really looking forward to it. Sarah was so lovely, comforting and reassuring and my partner was able to really get involved in the course too and now feels equipped on what his role will look like supporting me during the birthing experience.

We will recommend this course (and Sarah) to all of our friends/family who become pregnant - it really has made such a difference! We are missing our Wednesday evenings with Sarah - it feels like we have known her a long time! We can’t possibly thank her enough!"

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Shelly Bennett

Sevenoaks, Kent

"At first me and my partner were slightly unsure whether Hypnobirthing would help us but with my anxiety about the birth I was willing to give it a try.

Now finishing Sarah's course I can truly say we are so thankful we choose to do it, I didn't quite understand the importance of relaxation until starting the course and everything else made sense and I was eager to learn more, I now have tools to help with the birth but also to help with after birth, I particularly liked the cloak of protection and the relaxing with nature.

Also, my partner feels very much involved in the process and I don't think this would have been the case if we had not done the course.

We started the course feeling anxious and unprepared, now we feel relaxed, in-control and prepared for the birth of our little girl.

I highly recommend Sarah and the Wise Hippo course and cannot thank you enough". 

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Gemma Wilshire

Tunbridge Wells, Kent

"We did a group of one-to-one sessions with Sarah to prepare us for the birth of our first child. Sarah is so knowledgeable and the whole course was extremely valuable for us. We had no insight or knowledge about anything prior to the sessions and finishing the course we now feel prepared and informed, and so much more relaxed about the prospect of what lies ahead! The sessions were extremely enjoyable and Sarah is so easy to get along with, we were both very quickly at ease. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone looking into hypnobirthing and wanting to prepare themselves for birth!"

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Beth Ashfield Murphy

Redhill, Surrey

We booked with Sarah to come to our house to do 4 sessions of Hypnobirthing, these 4 sessions where very informative, we started off quite anxious thinking about the birth but by the fourth session we were looking forward to the birth and feeling more prepared and in control.
Sarah its been a joy to have you come to our house and we have looked forward to every session, we have got so much out of each session and been given the tools and techniques to have a labour that I feel in control about and that I look forward to. I will definitely be recommending Sarah to my pregnant friends!

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Carly Dean

Sevenoaks, Kent

"Thank you so much Sarah for an enjoyable, informative and very relaxing (I almost fell asleep several times I felt so relaxed) hypnobirthing course.

Me and my partner both enjoyed it very much and I feel 10 times better and calmer about giving birth to our 3rd child. I can tell you have a genuine passion for the subject and are enthusiastic about helping others to feel confident about giving birth. Lovely to meet you."

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Tom Hudson

Sevenoaks, Kent

"We had a fantastic experience and would highly recommend the course. We feel much more informed and confident now we are armed with the best information and techniques. The sessions were really relaxing and helpful so much so I think it helped my own stress levels generally. Sarah was really nice to talk to and clearly has a passion for what she does which makes all the difference."

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Maria Lopes

Sevenoaks, Kent 

Sarah is absolutely amazing. All her tips and the enthusiasm she shows really do give you encouragement during labour. I had the most amazing experience on my labour and I know that it was because of everything I learnt with Sarah and the Wise Hippo program. I had the right birth for me on the day and it was amazing. Thank you Sarah for helping me.

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Sophia N 


My husband and I really enjoyed learning about hypnobirthing with Sarah. The four sessions were really good value for money for what we got. We feel much more knowledgeable about birth, equipped to make decisions on the day and much more relaxed about delivery. Sarah is extremely helpful post sessions as well and thorough with her post session information and recommendations. Would definitely recommend her!!!

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Ellie Stephenson

Staplehurst, Kent

A close friend of mine recommended Sarah at the WIse HIppo as she was so impressed with the course. I couldn’t be happier with the decision to contact Sarah and book myself in!

First meeting Sarah she was so welcoming and personable. I instantly felt as ease and really enjoyed the first session. After the 4th week, I felt so well informed and prepared for the birth of my baby. I loved seeing Sarah every week, she made each session so enjoyable it would fly by.

Sarah continued to stay in contact and send support leading up to my due date. When the big day came around, I didn’t feel nervous. I felt excited and relaxed. I had suffered from panic attacks in the past and knew I’d have to put the work in to make sure I stayed calm on the day. Well the practicing paid off!!

Due to Sarah and her amazing coaching, i had the most beautiful natural water birth. It was the most magical day and I felt so in control and empowered. The skills you learn during the course aren’t just great for labour, they are skills I will continue to use for life. I honestly couldn’t recommended Sarah enough. Without her, I wouldn’t have had such a positive experience! I am forever grateful.

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Suzy Beddow

Sevenoaks, Kent

Sarah  was so helpful and caring from start to finish. She shared her experiences and knowledge throughout. Creating a community to share our experiences and build relationships which is essential to feeling supported at a time of big change for a family. She helped me feel prepared emotionally and mentally for the labour. Thank you very much.

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Viktoriya Statska

Tonbridge, Kent

I am very happy I did hypnobirthing course with Sarah! She did amazing work teaching me and my husband! Midwifes were so surprised how I managed to stay calm having such a long latent phase of labour that took ages and felt like active one.

Despite my birth didn’t go according to the plan I managed to stay calm, relaxed and in control throughout the whole labour and up to delivery. My husband was supporting a lot as he knew what to do. We are very happy with the course and would recommend to everyone. Labour and childbirth shouldn’t be fear, just excitement 😊

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Amy Best

Sevenoaks, Kent

Wonderful hypnobirthing course! Sarah was welcoming, informative and a really good teacher, highly recommend her course to any expectant moms

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Natalie Slater

Whyteleafe, Croydon

We had a 4 week 1:1 session with Sarah from the Wise Hippo- and she was just brilliant. Super relaxed, approachable and fun- she went through all the techniques that we could use before and during labour- and I feel so much better (and calmer) about the whole experience. She even managed to calm our bonkers springer spaniel… so rave reviews all round!!


Katie Crowe


Amazing course! Feeling much more prepared and relaxed about giving birth! Sarah is so friendly and supportive! She is so knowledgeable around hypnobirthing and gave me so many tips and amazing bits of advice on pregnancy and labour along the way! Definitely recommend!!!

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Sophie Bostridge

Sevenoaks, Kent

"Sarah is honestly one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, I was so terrified to give birth and it’s something that’s really played on my mind. However since attending her classes I feel so much more confident about giving birth & feel as if I’m fully informed and aware of all of my choices. Thank you so much! "

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Chelsie Cawsey

Sevenoaks, Kent

"I did my course with Sarah Thompson at my home and it was amazing. It was great to have Sarah teach calming techniques especially breathing. I had a planned c-section 7 weeks ago; I used the breathing techniques during my spinal and kept myself in a calm zone throughout my c-section.

My husband felt confident taking on the role of advocacy especially after the course. I managed to have the birth I wanted thanks to your information. It was honestly the most relaxing, perfect surreal experience and birth I could have wished for! I’ve now adapted some of the breathing techniques for day to day life.

The course opened my eyes to potential possibilities in birth that I wasn’t aware of and I felt confident, informed and ready for my birth. I just want to thank you again Sarah, the course was great."


Sarah McIntyre 

Sevenoaks, Kent

"Wish I had Sarah Thompson when I had my girls! She teaches expectant couples hypnobirthing techniques to use to make the whole birthing process a positive one.

Four classes, either in a group, or private, best done between 20-34 weeks, Sarah will give you “the right birth on the day” so, whether this is your first birth, or fearful from a previous traumatic birth, this course will change your mindset. See Sarah's post."

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